Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tons of new bracelets and earrings/Un monton de pulseras y pendientes

So this weekend I´ve been making tons and tons of new things!This are just a few of them, I still need to upload waaay more!Lately I´ve been into making earrings and bracelets, i think I need to make a few long necklaces.
.....more coming soon! You can view larger images in my flickr

Golden coral, peridot and sterling silver

Kyanite and sterling silver (I love the color of this stones!)

Faceted amazonite squares and sterling silver

Red coral and sterling silver

Faceted black agate and sterling silver

Lotus shaped white tridacna and sterling silver

Lapis Lazulis and sterling silver

Después de un fin de semana productivo aqui ponogo solo algunas de las fotos de las piezas que he estado haciendo, he estado haciendo pendientes y pulseras, aun tengo pendientes unos cuantos collares largos!
Esto es solo una pequeña parte de todas las piezas nuevas en las que estoy trabajando, aun tengo que pasar de la camara unas cuantas fotos mas ;)
En cuanto pueda subo las que tengo pendientes, mientras se pueden ver estas fotos mas grandes en mi flickr

Thursday, December 4, 2008


This is a pic of my dog, Yucca is a spanish mastiff (Mastín Español) mixed with a fourth part of german shepherd, this is my fave pic of her.
We adopted her when she was just 6 weeks old (and weighting over 13 lbs!)amd she is already 10 years old!
She´s extremely smart and very stubborn (her the mastiff side ;)) but very affectionate, noble, calm and sweet.
She always makes this cute "bear noise" when you give her a good head/neck scratch, loves attention and cuddles; and with her "they don´t feed me" face she always manages to get extras from strangers!
Always enjoy taking her to the beach on winter nights for a run, but after we have to visit her fave dog-friendly café where she always gets her own "tapas"
(I´ll post a video later)
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