Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sorolla´s Light/La Luz de Sorolla

This pair of earrings are hancrafted in several sizes of sterling silver wire and beads and a gorgeous and shinny blue/gray quartz briolette.They are 2" long including the earpost.They are light weight, with 4mm ball ear posts.

In this detail photo I wanted to show the color and brightness of the briolette.

This earrings are inspired by Joaquin Sorolla´s painting "Paseo a la orilla del Mar" (Walk by the seaside) an oil painting from 1909 that can be seen in the Sorolla Museum in Madrid.

I recently got as a gift a book about Sorolla, I´ve always loved his paintings, the way he captures light in his paintings is so unique and breathtaking, you can feel the movement of the scene, it becomes so real.

On this painting I love the contrast of the white clothes aganist the beach.The briolettes I used are exactly the color of the water in his painting and it makes a nice contrast with the bright sterling silver; I wanted to create a design that could be worn by the lady in the painting.


Estos pendientes están realizados con varios tamaños de hilo y cuentas de plata de ley y una gota de cuarzo azul-grisaceo, miden unos 5 cm y son muy ligeros.

Están inspirados en el oleo de Sorolla "Paseo a la orilla del Mar", siempre me ha encantado como capta la luz en sus obras, y con esta pieza queria realizar unos pendientes que pudiese llevar la chica que aparece en el cuadro, siendo la gota de cuarzo del color del mar y contrastando con el brillo de la plata.


Janice said...

These earrings are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Mila said...

k finos y elegantes

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